InterGrain is a leading Australian crop breeding company with highly successful wheat and barley breeding programs that target the major cereal growing areas of Australia. InterGrain varieties occupy a significant proportion of the area sown to cereals in Australia and have been bred by InterGrain’s strong team of experienced cereal breeders.

Their vision is to be the most successful commercial field crop breeding company in Australia by delivering what the market requires and using strategic alliances to sustain the company’s long-term future. InterGrain’s shareholders are the WA State Government, GRDC and Monsanto, and they employ 35 + staff in Perth, Wongan Hills and Horsham.


How InterGrain can help Grower Groups through partnerships and services:

1. Presenters – InterGrain is always willing to speak about plant breeding, our current and pipeline products.
2. Technical Help – Our experienced breeders can provide a wealth of information on plant breeding and new breeding technologies.
3. Meeting Facilities – InterGrain invites Grower Groups to use the InterGrain board room and meeting facilties at our new premises in Bibra Lake, free of charge, if they wish to hold Perth based meetings. Groups will also be welcome to tour facilities and talk with breeders.
4. Trial Seed – InterGrain is often able to supply trial seed of InterGrain varieties to grower groups for trial and demonstration purposes.


Intergrain Ash Brooks
M:0488 488 904
F: (08) 5362 6512
PO Box 556, Horsham, VIC 3400