Eagriculture Research Group

The eAgriculture Research Group (Edith Cowan University) promotes, facilitates and undertakes innovative information and communication technology based research that will contribute to the sustainability and productivity of agricultural industries in Western Australia and internationally. Their research focuses on: agricultural data mining, agricultural informatics, agricultural tools and decision systems, and environmental sensors networks.


How eAgriculture Research Group can help Grower Groups:

1. Conduct research projects  with grower groups.  These projects will include undergraduate projects, postgraduate and industry based projects. This will involve using growers  properties to run experiments and conduct surveys and focus groups on particular research in the area of use of computers and other technologies to improve farm productivity)
2. Specialist research skills in  the area of Information and Communication technologies
3. Can provide technical assistance in relation to computing and technology help.  E.g. workshops on using computers and technologies
4. Software development tools to use for agronomic and farm management (both web based, mobile and sensor network based applications)
5. Conduct research projects  for booth postgraduate and industry based projects with farmer groups (in the area of use of computers and other technologies to improve farm productivity)
6. Catchment monitoring and sensor networks for livestock control and climate and crop monitoring


eAgriculture Research Group Dr Leisa Armstrong  http://www.ecu.edu.au/schools/computer-and-security-science/research-activity/eagriculture-research-group 
T: 08 9370 6505
M: 0409 031 538
F: 08 9370 6100
School of Computer and Security Science, ECU Mt Lawley Campus
2 Bradford Street, Mt Lawley 6050
l.armstrong@ecu.edu.au eAgriculture@ecu.edu.au