Desiree Futures

Désirée Futures is an independent research and consultancy company that focuses on rural communities and industries. James Fisher’s research experience covers a range of aspects of agricultural systems including season and crop production, soil acidity, plant nutrition and sheep production, as well as modelling the responses and predicting the performance of these systems. He has experience in field research in animals, plants and soils, building and using computer models of systems and their components (e.g. budgeting soil acidity and simulation models), and scenario planning and social research. He is a resident of the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia and has a passionate interest in the development of this area.


How Désirée Futures can help Grower Groups through partnerships and services:

1. Collaboration in current research projects and workshops (e.g. management of soil acidity, regional scenario analysis for farming in future climates).
2. R & D services such as writing research proposals, data analysis, report writing.
3. Scenario planning and analysis
4. (Beyond the company) Dr Fisher can collaborate events for farmers and ag professionals in his capacity as a committee member and current president of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology (the professional association for all professionals working in agriculture, horticulture, natural resource management and related areas)


Désirée Futures Dr James Fisher
T: 9641 1651 PO Box 251, York 6302