Farm Trials Databases

There are currently three web based trial databases that have been released in the past 18 months; DAFWA’s Regional Trials Map, the GRDC-funded Online Farm Trials (OFT) website, and the NRM WA AgTrialSites. Whilst all these online tools may seem similar they are quite different in the service that they deliver and the way they operate.


Online Farm Trials:

The Online Farm Trials (OFT) is a GRDC project that aims to provide grower groups with a central platform to upload and access a wide range of trial data from across Australia. The website itself provides a central database of on-farm trial reports and research results, while also providing to access to results in an excel format to be used for analysis. The system allows the user to search for trial sites via an interactive map or through a keyword and extensive filter system.

One key aspect of the system is that the group who submitted the data to the system will remain the owner of that information, meaning that they are the only people who can alter and remove that particular content. The groups, as owners of the data, also have the ability to stipulate who can access certain trial results (ie data can be locked away for member access only).


DAFWA Regional Trials Map:

DAFWA’s Regional Trial’s Map is a web based resource that provides the public with a visual overview of the location of DAFWA’s demonstration and experimental field trial sites. The resource provides users with the ability to see the types of trials and their locations from when they are sown rather than having to wait to the following year when final results are published.

According to DAFWA, it is envisioned the system will provide users with a running report of a trials progress throughout the year and thus providing access to key observations during the growing season. The tool uses interactive map points to allow users to locate a trial and then by clicking on the map point provides trial details and a links to reports if available. There is also the ability to filter map points by crop and trial type.


AgTrial Sites:

The AgTrial Sites resource has been developed by NRM WA as way of enhancing the sharing of knowledge, systems and practices throughout WA’s Regional NRM organisations. The website operates in much the same way as the DAFWA pilot with interactive map points used to navigate the various trials.

Each trial site has a short overview of the trial and some key results, with links to more detailed reports and contact information. This site only displays trials that are being undertaken by the state various NRM organisations.