South West Catchments Council

The SWCC is the Regional Natural Resource Management body for the South West of WA. We are a not for profit, community based group, receiving government funding to support, facilitate and directly undertake NRM activities across the South West Region. These activities range from coastal environment management, to biodiversity protection, to the facilitation of sustainable agricultural practices.

As the Regional group, we also provide information, funding and resources to other groups to ensure that they have the skills, knowledge and capacity to undertake community NRM projects.


How South West Catchment Council can help Grower Groups through partnerships and services:

1. Access to a broader network of stakeholders, including an extended landholder contact base and contacts with other groups operating for sustainable agriculture outcomes
2. Access to funding for on-ground projects, trials and demonstration sites
3. Access to a strong regional and state-wide media and promotion network, for the promotion of grower group initiatives and projects
4. Support for grower groups to undertake events, such as workshops and seminars
5. Support and access to training in a range of areas, from governance and administration to technical training, including GIS

South West Catchments Council Rebecca Walker (Sustainable Agriculture Program Manager)
P: 9881 0202
F: 9881 1950
10 Doney Street, Narrogin
WA 6312