South Coast Natural Resource Management INC.

South Coast Natural Resource Management Inc. is the leading community based environmental services provider in the South Coast region of Western Australia. We work with community, government and business to improve the environment by preserving and protecting unique plants and animals, managing land and waterways sustainably, and sharing knowledge and skills in NRM. South Coast NRM coordinates and administers funding primarily from the Australian Government and the Government of Western Australia for activities organised under five major themes; Land, Water, Biodiversity, Cultural Heritage, Coastal and Marine.

With the help of many partners, we have developed a framework for managing the future  of our key natural resources. All NRM activity and funding in the South Coast Region is directed by Southern Prospects 2011-2016, our regional strategy for NRM. As one of 56 groups from around Australia, we are committed to the sustainable long-term management of our natural environment to achieve positive social and economic outcomes.


How South Coast NRM can help Grower Groups through partnerships and services:

1. Funding, partnership opportunities and project development support in conjunction with our existing partners, for projects that meet the objectives of the NRM Strategy including on-ground work related to soil health and waterway and biodiversity protection, demonstration sites and events
2. Access to opportunities for promotion of Grower Group activities through our extensive network
3. Access to a broad network of land managers and other stakeholders
4. Support for grower groups to undertake events
5. Access to training in areas including governance, bushland management, the Carbon Farming Initiative


South Coast NRM Inc. Penni Hewett
(Land Program Leader)
P: 9845 8507
F: 9845 8538
39 Mercer Rd, Albany 6330