SPAA joins the GGA

SPAA joins the GGA

The GGA is excited to welcome the newest grower group to the network, the Society of Precision Agriculture Australia (SPAA).

Formed in 2002, SPAA is the first nationally focused group to join the GGA, further highlighting that there is no best model when it comes to grower groups but rather best fit.

Unlike many grower groups who are focused on the development and extension of local farming techniques and technologies, SPAA is an independent member-driven organisation focused on the promotion, development and adoption of precision agricultural technology across Australia.

Due to SPAA’s national focus and precision agriculture’s relevance to a wide range of primary production activities, SPAA has members from across a wide range of industries including grains, wine and horticulture, just to name a few.

SPAA’s activities have evolved over the years as technology has advanced, moving from the use of auto steer and yield mapping, to site specific weed management techniques and variable rate fertiliser technology.

Extension and practice change play a central role in SPAA’s activities, with the group currently working on a project to increase the adoption of controlled traffic farming in the low rainfall Mallee area of South Australia and Victoria.

To ensure that SPAA’s projects and activities are rigorous and relevant, the group actively seeks to partner with key research organisations, agribusiness and other grower groups across Australia. SPAA also hosts two major forums a year and produces Australia’s only dedicated precision agriculture magazine.

If you would like to know more about SPAA click here or contact Nicole Dimos, M: 0437 422 000, E: