Royalties for Regions: Ag Sciences Research & Development Fund Announced

The State Government recently announced a $22.1 million Agricultural Sciences Research and Development Fund, which will boost export opportunities for Western Australian agriculture and food products.

Through the fund, $17.4 million will be allocated through two rounds of grants ($20,000 – $500,000) to incorporated grower groups for research and development across the supply chain to accelerate the adoption of science innovations that boost profitability.

It will also fund research to identify the opportunities and constraints to repositioning WA in premium high-value markets, and allocate grants of $20,000 to $100,000 to grower groups and industry partners to improve agricultural competitiveness.

Within this fund, funding for the Grower Group Alliance, $1.2 million over four years, was included.

For more information click here, or contact Andy Paterson, T: 9368 3725, E:

The GGA will be working closely with DAFWA over the next few months to ensure all opportunities are communicated to groups. If you have any questions about the funding, and developing project ideas, contact Rebecca Wallis, T: 6180 5759, E:

PHOTO: Minister for Agriculture and Food Hon Ken Baston MLC,  Minister for Regional Development Hon Terry Redman MLA, GGA Strategic Advisory Group Chairman Clancy Micheal and GGA Project Leader Rebecca Wallis at the Dowerin Field Days.