Quantifying the Value of Grower Groups in WA

The Grower Group Alliance (GGA) has commissioned a study to determine the economic and social value of grower groups. The independent review will be undertaken by Agknowledge and will include grower groups, industry stakeholders, funders, sponsors, members and non-members.

The aim of the study will be to determine where grower groups fit in a grower’s decision making process, the economic benefit to growers, what aspects drive economic value and the value they provide to the broader agricultural industry. It will also investigate the role of groups in developing and supporting human capacity in regional WA, the value to the community in terms of productive business and social support, and the role of grower groups in influencing practice change.

The information gained from this study will be key for targeting activities for the GGA and grower groups into the future and the final report will be launched at the Grower Group Alliance Annual Forum in Perth on 18-19 August 2017.

Should you wish to contribute to the study or if you would like further information, contact Annabelle Bushell, T: (02) 6180 5759, E: abushell@gga.org.au.