Groups Providing Support for Farmers Pre-Harvest

The role of grower groups as a community support network and social hub is sometimes taken for granted. However in difficult times, such as those seen with recent frost events across much of the state, it becomes more important than ever for groups to bring farmers together to ensure networks and community spirit is maintained.

Many groups put on social events pre-harvest, and this social network for farmers is crucial for sharing of information and stories to guide and support their businesses through what may be tough times. The social interactions are also a great opportunity for members to unwind during potentially stressful times.

Groups across WA are teaming up with Shire councils, fire brigades and other community groups to make these events possible, with the aim of removing any feelings of isolation and keeping communications channels between growers open. The events are also an opportunity to extend important information such as key management practices to keep on top of during harvest and planning for the following year.

Groups are farmer driven organisations, set up to ensure the success of their farmer members, and by providing support through the difficult times in particular, groups have established themselves as a key part of maintaining regional communities in WA.