GGA Regional Meetings reach 25+ grower groups in two months

The 2016 GGA Regional Meetings have wrapped up around the regions, with meetings in Lake King and Geraldton held in late March. Together with the Merredin and Katanning meetings, GGA was able to bring together groups from across WA to discuss issues and opportunities impacting grower groups as well as share success stories and the outlook for 2016. Across all meetings, representatives from almost 30 grower and NRM groups attended and contributed to the group conversation.

As part of the meetings, GGA staff facilitated stakeholder mapping workshops in each location. The purpose of the activity was to show the importance of understanding stakeholders, allowing groups to identify and analyse the wide range of stakeholders who have influence on the success of their organisations.

Information from the workshop will also allow the GGA to identify key industry stakeholders to develop a robust stakeholder engagement plan which have maximum benefit for grower groups. Resources on how to run a stakeholder mapping session and how to develop an effective engagement plan will be developed and available to groups in the coming months.