Developing Project Management Skills in WA Grower Groups

The GGA held a two-day workshop to help build project management skills across the grower group network during the last week in May. Thirteen participants from across seven different grower groups participated in an interactive, practical workshop developed and delivered specifically to assist groups in understanding key methods, resources and techniques involved in exceptional project planning, governance, implementation, reporting and evaluation.

The workshop is part of the GGA’s core business in building the capacity of grower groups across regional WA. The skills and experience developed during these training workshops help grower group staff and committees deliver the best possible value back to their members and communities, as well as ensuring effective and efficient management of investments made by funders, sponsors and other stakeholders.
If you would like to find out more about GGA’s capacity building program, or would like to suggest future training opportunities for groups, visit the GGA website here or contact the GGA office, T: 08 6180 5759, E: