2016 GGA Regional Meeting Update

The GGA Regional Meetings are currently under way, with two meetings having been held in February and another two booked in for March. Both the Merredin and Katanning meetings have taken place, with great participation from grower groups, NRM groups and DAFWA representatives in each region. Lake King and Geraldton are still to come on 21 and 30 March respectively.

As part of the meetings this year, the GGA staff are running a “Stakeholder Mapping” workshop to enable groups to identify who their key stakeholders are. This activity is the first step in developing a stakeholder engagement plan, a document that can help groups to effectively communicate and work with the people most important to their operations.

These workshops inspired plenty of discussion between groups, and we hope that those involved were able to take home some of they key messages to share with their groups. The GGA aims to produce a resource for grower groups on stakeholder mapping following the completion of these events.

Image: Stakeholder mapping workshop under way in Katanning