Joining the GGA

Criteria to join the GGA

The Grower Group Alliance (GGA) project is an inclusive network of grower groups, research providers and agribusiness. It is funded by the Department of Agriculture and Food, through Royalties for Regions, until February 2019.

The Grower Group Alliance project aims to connect grower groups with the relevant people, information and skills to lead agricultural RD&E, and increase opportunities to maximise the productivity and profitability of WA farmers, and therefore the competitiveness of the State’s agrifood sector.

Currently, the majority of grower group members focus on broadacre crop and livestock production, due to the network’s history. A new funding model brings new opportunities to broaden the network to be all inclusive of grower groups across all primary production industries.

There are currently no membership fees to join the GGA at this stage, although this is subject to change. To join the GGA new groups need to address a list of criteria to participate in the network, along with submitting a group profile form. This will add an element of formality and informs project staff about the new group.

The following criteria was endorsed by the project’s Strategic Advisory Group consisting of grower, research and agribusiness representatives.

Criteria to join the Grower Group Alliance:

  • Be a farmer-driven or community-driven agricultural not-for-profit organisation
  • Primarily focus on improving farming systems and engaging in research, development extension activities and partnerships
  • Provide opportunities for participation in knowledge and skill development, social interaction and community development
  • Have an identified goal/vision/mission
  • Have a membership list
  • Hold regular committee/board meetings and operate under good governance
  • Organise at least one activity for members each year
  • Have a contact person who is able to respond adequately with a defined time frame and requirement
  • Provide a standard one-page annual report to the GGA on group activity (annual submission of the group profile form)