Grower Group Operational Support

The GGA can help groups with any grower group issues, whether needing to be pointed in the right direction for information, funding or contacts, or seeking ideas on speakers or events.

The GGA aims to maintain contact with its grower group members by visiting grower group and industry events. This enables the GGA to develop relationships with grower groups, reinforce support and provide opportunity for groups to discuss any group issues with the GGA, face-to-face.


In the early stages of forming a grower group or when an impartial facilitator is required, the GGA can facilitate group meetings, track first thoughts and guide direction, or assist in facilitation of workshops and meetings.


The GGA has organised and funded various workshops to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of grower groups. In the past, these include strategic planning, evaluation training, corporate governance training and submission training.


The GGA can give grower groups the opportunity to contribute to a number of leading Australian agricultural publications, such as Farming Ahead, Australian Grain, WANTFA New Frontiers and Ground Cover. The GGA can provide advice and help with communication strategies, the editing of articles, papers, posters and other communications activities.

Latest Technology

To ease the communication of information with other groups members and the wider agricultural industry, the GGA has investigated many new technologies availble to improve communication without the need for travelling.

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