WA No Till Farmers Association


Formed in 1992, WANTFA was built on the ethic of growers helping growers, and is now the largest agronomic grower owned and managed group in Western Australia. It is also the only W.A. group that solely focuses on conservation agriculture (no-tillage and zero-tillage systems). WANTFA endorses farming practices that support the following principles: limited soil disturbance, permanent ground cover, diverse rotations and reduced compaction.


Current Activities

  • Precision placement pelletised compost
  • Stubble management for frost
  • Crop sequencing
  • Dry seeding
  • Extension and outreach
  • Summer cropping

Past Activities and Accomplishments

  • Group attributed to the rapid adoption of no tillage farming in WA.


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WA No Till Farmers Association

Cunderdin, Western Australia, Australia


Chair: Clint Della Bosca
M: 0427 957 306
E: cless20@bigpond.com

Vice Chair: Trevor Syme
M: 0407 999 536
E: waddipark@esat.net.au

Secretary: Craig White
M: 0427 339 470
E: craig.white@bayer.com

Contact: Dr David Minkey
T: 9383 7630
M: 0417 999 304
E: david.minkey@wantfa.com.au
A: Private Bag 5, Wembley, WA, 6913

Number of Members


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