Mingenew Irwin Group


The Mingenew-Irwin Group (MIG) was formed in 1994 with the mission statement: ‘To promote and develop economic and environmentally sustainable agriculture through research, planning, monitoring and demonstrating best practice’. The group is interested in soil health, mixed farming, sustainability, product marketing, value chain development, social, herbicides and pesticides, varietal selection, biosecurity, on-farm grain storage and agribusiness software and technology.

Current Activities

  • Trials (50+)
  • Projects (18)
  • Workshops (20)
  • Study Tours (2)
  • Training (10)
  • Social events (10)

Past Activities and Accomplishments

  • MIG has secured over $20 million worth of projects
  • MIG is a respected ethical organisation
  • MIG contributes approximately $145 million annually to the economy
  • Many members of the board and the group hold important board positions on major bodies including CBH Group, GRDC, COGGO, PGA and MLA
  • Numerous young farmers are coming back into the area to run the farm with university degrees


Platinum Sponsor: Asia Iron Australia Extension Hill Magnetite Project

Diamond Sponsors: COGGO, Syngenta, CBH Group, Shire of Mingenew, CSBP

For the entire list of MIG Sponsors 2016.

Mingenew Irwin Group

Mingenew, Western Australia, Australia


Chair: Craig Forsyth
M: 0427 275 035
E: cdforsyth@activ8.net.au

Vice Chair: Sally O’Brien
M: 0458 275 049
E: sally@irwinhouse.net.au

Secretary: Cliff Harding
M: 0428 558 336
E: hardfarms@hotmail.com

CEO: Kathryn Fleay
T: (08) 9928 1645
M: 0427 281 007
E: kathryn@mig.org.au
A: PO Box 6,
Mingenew WA 6522

Number of Members


Shires Covered

Mingenew, Irwin, Morawa, Three Springs, Chapman Valley, Mullewa