Living Farm


Living Farm focuses on providing independent research to their growers regarding variety choices for their programs, chemical choices, seeding rates and chemical application rates. Living Farm prioritises on farm profitability through its personalised grower group benchmarking program. Amongst other product efficacy trials, Living Farm has a long term rotation trial that is in its 22nd year and as such is one of the longest running rotations trials in Western Australia. It aim is to identify the most profitable long term cropping regime for the Avon Valley. Living Farm are also a private research and development company based in York that are available to undertake commercial trial work throughout Western Australia.

Current Activities

  • Wheat variety trials
  • Barley variety trials
  • Canola variety trials
  • Long term profitable rotation trial
  • Pre-emergent herbicide efficacy
  • Fungicide options for powdery mildew
  • Stubble management for the mitigation of frost
  • Efficient knockdown strategies

Past Activities and Accomplishments

  • Profitable rotations trial that is in it 22nd year
  • Part of the GRDC Frost Initiative, stubble work

Living Farm

York, Western Australia, Australia


Contact: Rebecca Jenkinson
F: 9641 2845
M: 0409 684 818

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Shires Covered

York, Beverley, Dowerin