Kellerberrin Demonstration Group


The Kellerberrin Demonstration Group formed in 1997 and partners with consultancy group ConsultAg. While mainly working with ConsultAg, the group also works with DAFWA and CSIRO to provide trial rigour and interpret data. The Kellerberrin Demonstration Group aims to understand local farming systems to improve their productivity and profitability, and are interested in alleviating soils constraints, crop row spacings, plant available water, as well as the development of the Yield Prophet computer model.

Current Activities

  • Wide row Hybrid canola trials
  • Early time of sowing trials
  • Lime incorporation
  • Nutrition work
  • Length of fallow
  • Associated moisture retention

Past Activities and Accomplishments

  • Wide row spacing for lupins
  • Place for Flutriafol in furrow in wheat
  • Crop grazing in the Eastern Wheatbelt
  • Brown manuring and fallow techniques
  • Place for canola in low rainfall farming systems
  • Getting the best out of barley in lower rainfall areas

Kellerberrin Demonstration Group

Kellerberrin, Western Australia, Australia


Chair: Scott Dixon
T: 9045 4531
M: 0427 773 606

Vice Chair: David Leake
T: 9045 8282
M: 0428 458 202

Contact: Brad Joyce
T: 9622 5095
M: 0488 225 018

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