Jerdacuttup Topcrop and Pasture Improvement Group


Established since 1999, Jerdacuttup TopCrop and Pasture Improvement Group works to share in a better understanding of the local farming systems in the district and improve profitability for all our members. The group is interested in wheat varieties, perennial pastures on saline land, non-wetting issues, as well as various break crops/rotation with wheat.

Current Activities

Past Activities and Accomplishments

  • Oilseeds WA canola variety trial, including TT and IT varieties
  • Canola variety mixes to see which hybrid works well in this environment
  • Rotation trials, including cropped, pastured and stocked, and plus or minus nitrogen over a 5 year period
  • Work with CSIRO
  • Other agronomic trials, including SEPWA barley and wheat variety trials, various pasture trials, etc
  • Nitrogen and Canopy Management trial
  • Farmer study tour (2009)

Jerdacuttup Topcrop and Pasture Improvement Group

Ravensthorpe, Western Australia


Chair: Stott Redman
M: 0429 351 475

Vice Chair: Andy Burton
M: 0458 396 025

Secretary: Elisa Spengler
T: 9838 1018


Number of Members

21 farming families

Shires Covered