Far East Agricultural Research (FEAR) Group


The Far East Ag Research (FEAR) Group, formally the Bodallin Catchment Group, aims to demonstrate sustainable farming practices for the future. The group changed their name in 2014 to illustrate the direction the farmer-driven group is now taking. Completing revegetation work in the early days of establishment, the group now focuses on trials, field days and Crop Updates events. The group is interested in soil health, stubble retention, the suitability of discs and tynes in the Yilgarn region, low rainfall pastures and crops, as well as cropping techniques for low rainfall regions.

Current Activities

  • March “Crop” Updates
  • Spring Fieldwalk
  • Ladies event biannually

Past Activities and Accomplishments

  • Been in operation as long as we have
  • Events held with reducing numbers of farmers in the region


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Far East Agricultural Research (FEAR) Group

Bodallin, Western Australia, Australia


Chair: Ian Maddock
T: 0429 475 057
E: ianmaddock@Hotmail.com

Vice Chair: Callum Wesley
E: cwesley@live.com

Contact/Secretary: Rebecca Maddock
T: 0438 068 439
E: feargroup@outlook.com
A: c/- Post Office, Moorine Rock, 6425


Number of Members


Shires Covered

Yilgarn, Westonia including Bodallin, Moorine Rock and Southern Cross townsites