Compass Agricultural Alliance


The Compass Agricultural Alliance was founded in 1966 to provide members with farm management advice. This continues to be the main focus of the group today; contracting out the requirement for advice to commercial consultants (currently Icon Agriculture). Compass Agricultural Alliance also carries out and sponsors trials.

Current Activities

  • Regular field days on items of local relevance
  • Regular newsletter
  • New snail baiting method trial
  • Chaff cart trial
  • Alternate fertiliser trials

Past Activities and Accomplishments

  • Previous ISO Accreditation
  • Redevelopments with sheep husbandry – yards, labour efficiency
  • No-till

Compass Agricultural Alliance

Darkan, Western Australia, Australia


Chair: Paul South
M: 0400 433 365

Vice Chair: Tim Harrington
M: 0427 361 228


Group Contact: Mark Allington
T: 9736 1055
M: 0428 927 034

Number of Members


Shires Covered

West Arthur, Williams