ASHEEP stands for the Association for Sheep Husbandry, Excellence, Evaluation and Production. We are a group that was formed over 10 years ago in 2003 to address a number of industry issues including declining sheep numbers, lack of young people in the industry and the role of sheep in the farming system. We are based in the Esperance area covering a wide variety of rainfall zones and soil types. We don’t favour particular systems or breeds over another, rather seek to evaluate and highlight best practice in sheep husbandry and production.

Current Activities

  • Currently applying for funding to investigate management of 3 shearings in two years and pool faecal testing to establish baseline of OJD levels in the Esperance area
  • Currently in the final year of the “Legumes in Kikuyu” project which is part of the MLA Producer Research Sites
  • ASHEEP is involved with DAFWA’s Lamb Survival Initiative
  • Currently expanding ASHEEP focus to include cattle

Past Activities and Accomplishments

  • Establishment of the Ovine Johnes Disease sub-committee to manage OJD in the Esperance area through testing, improved biosecurity and education.
  • Development of Lamb Planner & a prototype of Weaner Planner
  • Involved in working group that saw the only truck wash in the area re-opened (Myrup Truck Wash)
  • Self-funded with three employees
  • Pilot group for The Sheep’s Back network
  • First in the area to run auto-drafting and electronic ID trials & workshops
  • Leader in research into lamb survival, including predation, fencing and shelter


Rabobank, WFI Landmark Brindley & Gale, Elanco, Summit Fertilisers, West Coast Wools


Esperance, Western Australia, Australia


Executive Officer: Emma Graham
M: 0457 937 774
A: PO Box 2445, Esperance 6450

President: Simon Fowler
M: 0428 750 012

Vice President: Mark Walter
M: 0427 951 417

Number of Members


Shires Covered

Esperance and Ravensthorpe