2016 Grower Group Excellence Award

The inaugural Grower Group Alliance Award for Excellence, sponsored by the Grain Industry Association of WA (GIWA) was awarded to the Yuna Farm Improvement Group.


Yuna Farm Improvement Group chairman Brady Green (left), with Grain Industry Association of WA chairman Richard Williams

Award Announcement

“The award goes to a group that was formed in 1996 to help address agronomic problems of the time, particularly better crop establishment, and to be a contact point for people wanting to conduct trials in the area.

We understand that some considered it an informal mates club, with a bit of R&D of the side, until around 2008 when the group further developed its business model and started to Pplay a more pivotal role as a community organisation.

The group have excelled in attracting new projects and investments to their region, and have adopted change practices particularly in relation to variable and challenging seasons.

The group has a strong peer to peer collaborative learning style and are willing to share knowledge and information not only between their members, but have often travelled to other areas of the state to share their experiences. They have good partnerships with local researchers, consultants and agribusiness.

The group is mainly self-funded through a community crop and membership of only 30 farm businesses. They own assets for member’s social and business benefit, such as weigh trailers, soil corers, pizza oven, cool room and a bus!

They have no staff but have developed good governance, and a strong structure has meant succession and work load is shared within the group. The group aims to maintain flexibility to be able to meet community needs and build members’ capacity.

They embody the spirit of small groups of farmers being motivated to collaborate in research, development and extension activities, while operating on a shoestring.

In a town with no pub, this group has become the social drawcard for the region, and has been an important contributor to increasing farming productivity and profitability.

Congratulations to Yuna Farm Improvement Group for receiving the 2016 Grower Group Alliance Award for Excellence.”